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Are you a professional looking to learn more about plastic pallets or a newcomer to the plastic pallet industry?

If yes, you're in the correct spot, I suppose as here you'll discover few key details concerning industrial and hygienic plastic pallets.

What is a Plastic Pallet?

Using a front loader, forklift, jack, etc. to mechanically handle products is made easier by the use of pallets. Either wood or plastic is used in their construction.

plastic pallets manufacturers in india

Types of Plastic Pallets Based on Application

You may select from a variety of plastic pallet types, including

  • Drum Pallets
  • Export Pallets
  • Display Pallets
  • Spill-Control Pallets
  • Sanitary Pallets
  • RFID Pallets
  • Anti-Static Pallets
  • Shipping Pallets
  • Transport Pallets

Types of Plastic Pallets Based on Design

Please take note that even the plastic pallets mentioned above have distinct patterns and forms.
Considerable industrial plastic pallets that may be used in this situation include those that can be

  • Stacked
  • Stacked On Racks
  • Nestable
  • Double-Sided
  • Have Nine Legs
  • A Picture Frame Shape
  • Three Runners

hygienic plastic pallet manufacturer

Roto Moulded Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

injection moulding plastic pallets manufacturers

Injection Moulding Plastic Pallets

Industrial Plastic Pallets Manufacturer

Plastic Pallets

roto moulded heavy duty plastic pallets manufacturer

Industrial Plastic Pallets



Types of Plastic Pallets Based on Manufacturing Process

Plastic pallets can be broadly categorised as hygienic plastic pallet, roto moulded heavy duty plastic pallet, injection moulding plastic pallet and industrial plastic pallet. The plastic pallet receives various qualities from each manufacturing step.

In all honesty, the information on different plastic pallet types may serve as a standalone guide, and we already have various shapes of 12 different varieties of industrial plastic pallets used in pharmaceutical industry of India.

Best Plastic Pallet Material

You may pick between PP and HDPE plastic pallets when it comes to selecting the best materials for plastic pallets. Depending on what and where you want to utilise the plastic pallets, you may want to choose a certain material. As there are 2 types of moulded Plastic Pallet, once more, you can select pallet that is either roto moulded or injection moulded manufactured in India. What makes the two different, then? For big volume orders, especially those with uniform sizes, we employ injection moulding plastic pallets or roto moulded heavy duty plastic pallets. For orders of at least 55,000 pieces, the moulding procedure is strongly advised. Investment in plastic pallet injection moulding will be financially prudent in this manner. Additionally, this method is ideal for producing high-quality, long-lasting plastic pallets made entirely from virgin HDPE plastic. The majority of plastic pallets that are injection moulded are renowned for having excellent dimensions and good impact resistance. The technique is costly, but it ensures a rapid production rate for industrial plastic pallets. The moulding procedure is really quick if you have the correct mould for heavy duty products or being hygienic for pharmaceutical industry.


Plastic Pallet Features

As you can see, plastic pallets offer a lot of appealing qualities, which makes them the ideal option for the majority of supply chain procedures. Remember that among the key reasons for their utilisation in the closed loop supply chain are their dimensional uniformity and long-lasting characteristics.


  • Made from UV-stabilized high-grade HDPE or PP plastic material.
  • Due to flexible moulding procedures, there are many design alternatives available, including both conventional and unique designs.
  • Plastic pallets are recyclable, making them green.
  • Strong and long-lasting construction that can withstand massive dynamic, racking, and static loads.
  • Chemical and weather resistance
  • Measurement stability
  • Lightweight - weighs between 50 and 70 percent less than wood.
  • Weak acids, alkalis, and moisture resistant
  • No nails or splinters
  • Plastic Pallet

  • Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

  • Roto Moulded Pallets

  • Industrial Plastic Pallets

  • injection Moulding Plastic Pallets

  • HDPE Plastic Pallets

  • Roto Molded Plastic Pallets

  • Best Plastic Pallet Material

  • Cargo Export Pallets

  • Export Pallets

  • Export Cargo Pallets

  • Plastic Pallets for Export

  • Drum Spill Containment Pallets

Our Product Offering

Industrial Plastic Pallets Manufacturer

Drum Pallets

injection moulding plastic pallets manufacturers

Single Drum Spill Containment Pallets Double

roto moulded heavy duty plastic pallets manufacturer

2 Drum Spill Containment Pallets-Single Wall

hygienic plastic pallet manufacturer

4 Drum Spill Containment Pallets Single Wall

Industrial Plastic Pallets Manufacturer

2 Drum Spill Containment Pallets Double Wall

injection moulding plastic pallets manufacturers

4 Drum Spill Containment Pallets Double Wall


Plastic Pallet Advantage

Despite being better and widely used in most product handling applications, plastic pallets nonetheless have significant benefits.

You can see from the below that plastic pallets offer many benefits. In fact, the majority of product distributors view plastic pallets as the ideal option for this reason. Even when you consider the broader picture, plastic pallets are appropriate for uses where a company plans to keep using them for more than five years.


  • Long-term investment because they outlast wood pallets by ten times
  • Plastic pallets that are damaged or old may be recycled to create new pallets, preventing waste and being ecologically beneficial.
  • Simple to maintain, allowing you to uphold high levels of hygiene
  • Stackable plastic pallets take up less space than wooden pallets, making them easier to carry and cheaper to freight.
  • Since they don't contain splinters, nails, or sharp edges, they are secure and simple to handle. You may tailor pallets to meet your demands thanks to flexible designs and production techniques.
  • Because plastic pallets are free from ISPM 15 restrictions, all of your activities, including importing and shipment, will go without any hiccups.
  • Able to withstand toxins and adverse weather

Hygienic Plastic Pallet For Pharmaceutical Industry

Plastic pallets are used throughout the manufacturing process of pharmaceutical drugs. Hygienic Plastic pallets comply with stringent FDA and USDA industry criteria for hygienic processes, including heat sterilisation, from granulating and formulating through pressing and packing. Plastic pallets for pharmaceutical usage come in standard US and Euro sizes and are designed for extended life. Hygienic plastic pallet manufacturer for pharmaceutical industry may be heat sterilised, making them an excellent option for the sanitary production of vaccines, prescription pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter drugs, and other medical items.

hygienic plastic pallets

Ingredients and raw materials are less likely to attach to the pallet's surface because it is mostly made of polyethylene. Because of this, plastic is a great choice, hygienic option for clean rooms and contaminant-free medicine manufacture. Pharmaceutical regulations are carefully taken into consideration while creating hygienic plastic pallets for pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical items may be transported and stored safely with plastic's resistance to bacterial development and water absorption. Plastic pallets are strong enough to allow for secure double stacking, which reduces warehouse expenditures as well.

Our dependable, lightweight pallets safeguard pallet handlers as well as the quality of your pharmaceutical items. Plastic pallets are normally four way entrance and are simple to handle by forklift, pallet jacks, and other moving equipment. Plastic is continuously correct in terms of dimensions, which promotes more production, less downtime, and fewer expensive mishaps. For keeping a clean production facility, let Nelson Amerigo Exports aid in choosing the finest hygienic plastic pallet manufacturer for pharmaceutical industry.

roto moulded heavy duty plastic pallets

Injection Moulding Plastic Pallets Manufacturers

Amerigo Exports offers roto moulded heavy duty plastic pallets in a variety of colours that are useful for the operations of businesses in the printing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing sectors. These are incredibly strong, reusable, cost-effective, and manufactured of linear low density polyethylene. Roto Moulded heavy duty Plastic Pallets that we supply, export, and manufacture make it simple to handle and carry a variety of commodities. It requires minimal work and effort to perform the purpose of poor value for money for many years. These perform better than steel and wood pallets and are appropriate for both static and dynamic storage.

We even provide a variety of semi-rigid pallets that are temperature-resistant. Additionally, they are precise in their dimensions and light in weight, making them the top choice of our customers. We provide high-quality, long-lasting heavy duty plastic pallets. The high quality goods we provide is the main factor in our popularity.

Injection Moulding Plastic Pallets Manufacturers

High-pressure injection moulding plastic pallets are stronger per unit of weight than competing goods, making them built to endure the demands of any application. Our extensive array of pallets includes anything from single-piece rackable pallets to our closed-surface, welded nestable design, and they will all work flawlessly in any particular application. A heated barrel with a revolving screw is part of an injection moulding machine. In the barrel, colourant and virgin plastic are fused together. The heated plastic is then forced into a clamped-together mould by applying pressure. Both the clamping and injection forces are considerable.

roto moulded heavy duty plastic pallets

For injection moulded plastic pallets, copolymer polypropylene or high-density polyethylene resin is frequently utilised. High-pressure injection moulds are expensive, but the method offers a quick turn-around time. Pallets and other goods with intricate characteristics may also be produced because of the high pressure.

One of the most common procedures for giving this material the desired form and size is the manufacture of plastic pallets using injection. It is the ideal method for large-scale production, especially when the same pallet design needs to be manufactured again while maintaining stability and uniformity over time.

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